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How to Use Digital Assessments

Student Guide to Accessing Online Tests
  1. In order to take your online test, you must first go to test.linkit.com by using your Internet browser.
  2. Once the page loads, a student login should appear:
  3. Step

  4. Your teacher should have issued a test code for the specific test that you are supposed to take. Enter the test code and then click Submit.
  5. Once you have entered the test code, a list of names should appear. Click your name from the list and then click Select.
  6. Step
  7. Now your test is ready to take. Click Begin Test once you are ready for the test.
  8. Step
Taking the Online Test

    Test Taking Tools

    1. Flag: Flag a question to come back to later.
    2. Step

    3. Tools: Change the font size or color, zoom in and out on your screen, view a helpful math protractor tool, and access a line reader tool to assist students with reading.
    4. Step
    5. Test Questions: See a list of all of the questions. From the list you can select a question that you want to review or answer a question that you flagged or skipped.
    6. Step

    7. Highlight Text: Highlight what you feel is important to help you answer the question.
    8. Step

    9. Submit Test: Once you have finished, submit the test by clicking this icon.
    10. Step

      The warning below will appear to keep you from accidentally submitting an unfinished test.


    Answering Different Types of Test Questions

    1. Many of the test questions will simply require you to select the answer of your choice by clicking the desired answer. Examples are multiple choice and true/false.Step
    2. Other test questions may require that you input your answer using your keyboard. Examples are inline choice, text entry, and extended text. Step
    3. A special electronic keyboard is located to the right of each inline choice, text entry, and extended text answer space.
    4. Step

    5. This electronic keyboard is for specific characters that are not typically on the average keyboard but are required to answer the test question correctly. There are three sections to this keyboard:
      1. Math:
      2. Step

      3. Spanish:
      4. Step

      5. French:
      6. Step

    6. Drag and Drop questions are answered by clicking and dragging the answer into the spaces provided.
    7. Step


Digital Assessments Tutorial Videos

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