Accessing Digital Textbooks

  1. Order your Digital Textbooks online or over the phone.
  2. After your order is submitted, go to your Digital Products Downloads to see your textbook access codes.
  3. Students must have a Kno account in order to redeem the access codes. Accounts can be set up by the school, parent, or student. Each account needs the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Primary E-mail (unique to each student account)
    3. Kno Password
    4. Date of Birth (due to privacy laws)
    5. School Name (Schools use Unlisted—Private Schools. Homeschoolers use Unlisted—Homeschool.)
  4. Create Kno Textbook Account.
  5. Get the Kno Textbook App.
  6. Redeem Access Codes.
  7. Experience all the features of Kno on your A Beka Book Digital Textbooks.
Need more help? View our FAQs or the Kno Support site.