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Heritage of Freedom

Retail $29.80
Code Number 103462
Grades 11
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


This positive, patriotic approach to American history enlivens events and personalities that have shaped America and places a special emphasis on America’s Christian past. Heritage of Freedom gives a narrative account of what has made our country great and what can keep it great.

A rich variety of colorful photographs, illustrations, maps, and time lines enhance the teaching and learning of American history. Comprehensive reviews concluding each chapter aid in reinforcing the material. Key terms are highlighted. Designed to be used in grade 11 and is 582 pages.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 201847 Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit

Digital Version

  • 202266 Heritage of Freedom Digital Edition    $19.95

Support Material

  • 103489 Heritage of Freedom Teacher Edition    $41.75
  • 158275 Heritage of Freedom Answer Key    $13.75
  • 198412 United States History Digital Teaching Aids—New    $26.25
  • 103497 Heritage of Freedom Test Book    $7.75
  • 178756 Heritage of Freedom Test Key    $11.50
  • 103527 Heritage of Freedom Quiz Book    $5.75
  • 178764 Heritage of Freedom Quiz Key    $11.50
  • 97667 U S History and Geography Teaching Transparencies    $64.25

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