Arithmetic 3 Teacher Edition—Revised

Arithmetic 3 Teacher Edition—Revised

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Item No.  315745
Grade 3rd Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Spiral
Pages 252
Edition 6th
Returns Normal terms

Confidently present your arithmetic lesson with prompts and teaching tips in the Arithmetic 3 Teacher Edition. This teaching resource includes a copy of the student book with answers for each problem; teaching notes for each lesson; prompts to reference what is on the chalkboard and other visuals; and a solution key with specific problems worked out.  We now equip the teacher with a list of arithmetic skills, so you can know exactly what the purpose of each exercise is and focus on teaching that concept. Take advantage of these invaluable tools to follow along with your students, check their work, and present foundational concepts in interesting ways to help students remember and apply them.

104515 Arithmetic 3
104531 Arithmetic 3 Tests and Speed Drills
104558 Arithmetic 3 Tests and Speed Drills Key
104876 Homeschool Arithmetic 3 Curriculum Lesson Plans
104574 Arithmetic 3-8 Charts
32328 Arithmetic 3-8 Tables and Facts Charts
151467 Arithmetic 3-4 Concept Cards
21261 Felt Fractional Circles
21229 Felt 3" Numerals
74322 Rapid Calculation Drills A
151408 Addition Flashcards
151416 Subtraction Flashcards
137332 Multiplication Flashcards
137731 Division Flashcards

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