Arithmetic 5-8 Concept Cards

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Grades 5th Grade – 8th Grade
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The value of these 199 concept flashcards cannot be overestimated! Use them over and over to ensure that your child understands arithmetic concepts and to build his computing speed. Correlated with grades 5–8 arithmetic textbooks, the cards can be used as teaching visuals and for systematic review as specified in the Arithmetic Curriculum/Lesson Plans for those grades. They are numbered, labeled, and color coded for ease of use. Initial cards provide a table of contents for the cards so that you can easily locate just the card you need. Answers are on the back.

Featured Concepts

Place Value

Process (+, -, x, ÷) Terminology



Time Measures

Linear Measures

Capacity Measures

Weight Measures

Banking (simple interest formula)

Square Measures
Roman Numerals


Temperatures (e.g., freezing, boiling points)

Geometry (e.g., terms, formulas)



Electricity (kilowatt to watts)

Metric Prefixes

Percents (to fractions and decimals)

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