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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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Grades 6
Binding Bound


Observational skills, descriptive words, clear thinking, proofreading, and imaginative writing are highlighted and emphasized in this write-in text. Students learn what characterizes good writing and how they can write more creatively as they study the three units on creative writing: observation and creativity, poetry, and journal writing. The challenging Mind Stretchers provide lively openers for each creative writing class period as students create anagrams, acrostics, and rebuses and work with synonyms, connotation, and alliteration. Many examples are given for helpful illustration. Perforated penmanship practice pages allow for a good review of penmanship.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 169854 Grade 6 Child Kit
  • 170224 Grade 6 Language Arts Child Kit

Support Material

  • 167983 Homeschool Language Arts 6 Curriculum    $35.00

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