Grade 6 Curriculum Lesson Plans

Grade 6 Curriculum Lesson Plans


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Item No.  157759
Grade 6th Grade
Dimensions 11.75 x 11.75
Binding Notebook Binder
Pages 444
Edition Sixth
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Let A Beka use its vast educational experience to significantly decrease your preparation time and increase your success! A detailed lesson guide for each of the grade 6 subjects shows you not only what to teach and when to teach it but how to teach new concepts. You will appreciate the teaching tips, supplemental ideas for extra instruction, and schedules for classroom organization. Includes easy-to-follow plans for language, reading, penmanship/creative writing, spelling, vocabulary and poetry, arithmetic, science, and history and geography. Since some schools combine classes for Bible instruction, our Bible curriculum is sold separately.


·        Ease of use. This 3-ring binder includes bold headings, charts, numbered steps, diagrams and illustrations, and a contents page for each section. Find just what you need quickly. Easily remove any page you want to have with you during class.

·        Clear, simple instructions. Even a first-year teacher can seem like an experienced one with these clear instructions for preparation, review, procedures, and application! Includes teaching tips, time allotted, and wording and specific examples to enable you to communicate new concepts effectively and efficiently.

·        Course overview. A “scope and sequence” chart for each subject gives you a sequential overview of concepts covered in the 170 lessons. Teachers appreciate the “yearly” goals that define the learning objectives. You can know where you are headed!

·        Proven success. Choose A Beka with confidence! With our reliable studies for traditional best practices, you can join millions of satisfied customers in enjoying the benefit of our more than 60 years of educational experience.

·        Features to make learning fun. Engage your students with a variety of hands-on activities found throughout the curriculum! And our 40+ practice/review games incorporated into lessons make sixth graders want to learn.

·        Biblical perspective. You teach at a Christian school because of your ministry heart. Like you, we seek to reach the hearts and minds of young people for service to Jesus Christ in whatever vocation He calls them. This ministry focus and biblical philosophy permeate our curriculum.

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