World History 10 Video Student Kit

World History 10 Video Student Kit

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Grade 10th Grade
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Give your 10th grader the opportunity to study more deeply the history and the cultures of the world from a Christian perspective through the course of World History 10! While he is enjoying his teacher’s instruction, equip him with all the essentials needed found in this video student kit. This kit includes a textbook, quiz book, test book, and a project book that accompanies the exciting lessons of History! Combine this kit with the World History 10 DVD monthly rental to show your teen God’s sovereignty from the beginning of civilization in Asia and Africa through the rise of Western civilization and eventually to the expansion of globalism today.

The following items are included in this kit:

115703 World History and Cultures
115746 World History and Cultures Test and Map Project Book
115762 World History and Cultures Quiz Book