Grade 3 Language Arts Child Kit

Grade 3 Language Arts Child Kit

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Grade 3rd Grade
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Language is one of the most important subjects your child need for a bright future. Find all the necessary materials your child will need to master the subject of language arts in this kit. With a total of fifteen items, your child will learn the fundamentals of reading, cursive writing, grammar, spelling, and poetry. From oral reading to creative writing, make your child’s learning experience a great success by providing him effective materials included in this kit.

The following items are included in this kit:

104426 Read and Think 3 Skill Sheets
104213 Paths to Adventure
104248 Footprints
69914 Swiss Family Robinson
104264 Crossroads
104345 Better Bridges
104299 Pilgrim Boy
104329 Secret in the Maple Tree
104361 Worlds of Wonder
111287 Doors to Discovery
104396 Pilgrim's Progress
104434 Language 3
104469 Language 3 Test Book
112755 Spelling and Poetry 3
104507 Cursive Writing Skillbook
104663 Health Safety and Manners 3
104698 Health, Safety, and Manners 3 Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book