English 10 Student Kit

English 10 Student Kit

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Item No.  172812
Grade 10th Grade
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Watch your teen’s vocabulary and thinking skills soar as he studies the origin of vocabulary words; word analysis through prefixes, roots, and suffixes; and word analogies in his English 10 course. This video student kit includes an entire collection of books that your student will need to succeed in his English 10 course. Easily find student’s textbooks for Grammar, World Literature, and Spelling that will allow your student to follow along and improve his language skill and quiz and test books to help you evaluate his learning. Your student will also greatly enjoy the two literary classics Julius Caesar and Silas Marner, also included in this kit. Combine this complete materials kit with the English 10 DVD monthly rental to ensure a quality learning of the English Language!

The following items are included in this kit:

167886 Grammar and Composition IV
167908 Grammar and Composition IV Quiz and Test Book
115401 World Literature
82945 Julius Caesar (Literary Classics)
82953 Silas Marner (Literary Classics)
115452 World Literature Quiz and Test Book
167924 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV
167959 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV Quiz Book