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Economics: Work and Prosperity

Economics: Work and Prosperity

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Code Number 174653
Grades 12
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


Teach with a book set apart by its emphasis on free enterprise capitalism in a free market economy. After learning the biblical views of work, wealth, and stewardship, students can understand the proper economic roles of individual producers and consumers, as well as the role of the government from a conservative, Christian perspective. The stark contrast between the market economy—the cornerstone of prosperity in the United States—and the command economy—the hallmark of fiscal failure in Communist countries—is graphically presented. Essential concepts such as competition in the marketplace and private ownership of capital are discussed from a conservative perspective. Designed to be used for one semester in grade 12.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 201863 Grade 12 Homeschool Student Kit

Digital Version

  • 202193 Economics: Work and Prosperity Digital Edition    $19.95

Support Material

  • 174661 Economics Teacher Edition    $32.50
  • 187631 Economics Answer Key    $13.00
  • 174718 Economics Quiz and Test Book    $5.75
  • 174726 Economics Quiz and Test Key    $10.75

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