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Genesis: First Things

Genesis: First Things

Retail $16.60
Code Number 174734
Grades 12
Product Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Binding Bound


One semester * The Book of Genesis holds the key to much of Scripture. It is the book of beginnings: creation, man, marriage, Satan, sin, the promise of a Savior, salvation by faith, etc. All these vital truths and more are found in the familiar accounts of Creation, the Flood, and the patriarchs. Explore the doctrinally rich book: Genesis—First Things. It has lessons students can understand and apply to their lives to encourage their spiritual growth.

Digital Version

  • 203076 Genesis: First Things Digital Edition    $9.95

Support Material

  • 174742 Genesis: First Things Teacher Edition    $21.00
  • 174769 Genesis: First Things Quiz and Test Book    $6.25
  • 174777 Genesis: First Things Quiz and Test Key    $10.25
  • 177555 Genesis Sing His Praise CD    $15.00
  • 109061 Sing His Praise Hymnal    $15.65

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