Earth and Space Science Video Student Kit

Earth and Space Science Video Student Kit

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Item No.  179078
Grade 8th Grade
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Fascinate your 8th grader with God’s awesome creation from deep within the earth to the reaches of faraway galaxies in this science course. The materials found in this video student kit will greatly help your student in learning geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and environmental science. Included are a textbook, test book, quiz book, activity book, and project guide that can take your student’s comprehension to higher level. From choosing a problem, planning, conducting experiments, creating reports, and presenting the findings of a science project, combine this complete kit with the Earth and Space Science DVD monthly rental to provide excellent learning experience for your student!

The following items are included in this kit:

158887 Science: Earth and Space
164089 Science: Earth and Space Test Book
168874 Science: Earth and Space Quiz Book
163988 Science: Earth and Space Activity Book
175315 Science in Action: Science Project Guide