K4 Teacher Kit (Cursive)

K4 Teacher Kit (Cursive)

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You want your students to get that all-important foundation in reading, to develop good routines and habits, and to LOVE learning! Through colorful visuals, exciting games, and step-by-step instructions for each day, the Abeka K4 Cursive Teacher Kit in combination with the K4 Cursive Student Kit gives you the tools you need to confidently meet your goals. Contains 170 days of lesson plans for teaching core subjects from a biblical worldview and 6 teaching aids. Also see “Companion Materials” for important items used in multiple grades, extra teaching helps, and enrichment materials. Bible Kit sold separately. See our K4 Total Teaching Package for great discounts!


  • Clear and easy. You can do it! We have the materials you need and show you how to use them with clear, step-by-step instructions.
  • Cross-subject integration of concepts. By using our complete kit, at the same time that your students are learning the sound of the letter a, they are writing the letter a. By reinforcing the concepts in different settings with different applications, our curriculum ensures that your class will thoroughly understand and retain the material.
  • Spiral reinforcement of learning. There is no time to forget when your class receives regular review as each new concept is built on the old. This reinforcing and building of concepts and skills in a spiral progression throughout the year—and from grade to grade in the Abeka curriculum!—puts learning into long-term memory. Your students will know it!
  • Proven success. “Incredible!”—that is how the results of Abeka's proven systematic phonetical approach to reading have been described. Unlike programs that add a smattering of phonics to their look-say reading method, the Abeka program has phonics as its heart.
  • Training in learning habits. From the right way to hold a pencil to good listening skills, Abeka's guidance assists you in establishing right learning habits and routines.

The following items are included in this kit:

138398 K4 Curriculum Lesson Plans
178306 Little Books 1-12 Teacher Copy
178292 Animal Friends Books 1-8 Teacher Copy
138525 ABC-123 (Bound)
138533 Mini Alphabet Flashcards
138568 ABC Writing Tablet Cursive (Bound)
138576 Writing with Phonics K4 Cursive (Bound)
138592 Readiness Skills K4 (Bound)
138584 Art Projects K4 (Bound)
138614 K4 Bible Activity Book
167169 Large Alphabet Flashcards
167177 Letter Picture Flashcards
102083 One-Vowel Word Cards
102784 Two-Vowel Word Cards
167185 Blend Practice Cards A
167193 Cursive Formation Flashcards (K)
167207 Numbers Concept Flashcards
144258 Fun Songs for Little Ones Book
172294 Fun Songs for Little Ones K4 CD
138622 Poetry for You and Me
167215 Fun Poems and Finger Plays
167223 Language Enrichment Visuals
167231 Growing Up with Amber Lamb Visuals
167355 Language Development Visuals
167363 Language Development Teacher Guide
167258 Character Development Visuals
167266 Health and Safety Visuals