English 12 Video Student Kit

English 12 Video Student Kit

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Item No.  194883
Grade 12th Grade
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Fully equip your students for college through structured writing and helpful concepts about the English language with the English 12 Video Student Kit! Be ready to teach your students about parallelism, clear and logical construction, vividness, agreement, and other necessary elements of successful writing. This kit includes the Handbook of Grammar and Composition, the Grammar and Composition VI workbook, the coordinating quiz and test book, the English Literature textbook (as well two literary classics: Macbeth and Pilgrim’s Progress), the coordinating quiz and test book, the Vocabulary, Poetry VI textbook, and the coordinating quiz book. Whether you decide to use the print or digital version of these textbooks, your students will be excited about grasping an understanding in English and literature. Combine this kit with the English 12 DVD Monthly Rental for a successful year!

The following items are included in this kit:

174645 Handbook of Grammar and Composition
183105 Workbook VI for Handbook of Grammar and Composition
183121 Workbook VI Quiz and Test Book
108456 English Literature
91154 Macbeth (Literary Classics)
91162 Pilgrim's Progress (Literary Classics)
183172 English Literature Quiz and Test Book
183067 Vocabulary, Poetry VI
183083 Vocabulary, Poetry VI Quiz Book