Phonics/Language, Reading, Spelling, Poetry 1 Curriculum

Phonics/Language, Reading, Spelling, Poetry 1 Curriculum

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Pages 270
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Regardless of your students’ phonics background, Abeka's six steps to reading will turn your class into successful readers and spellers! The beauty of the curriculum is the integration of concepts so that new sounds learned in phonics class are reinforced in reading and spelling classes. Let Abeka's more than 60 years of educational experience be put to work for you! We not only explain what to do but why so that you understand the goals and objectives. These conveniently prepared instructions (already included in the Grade 1 Curriculum Teacher’s Guide) help you teach phonics, reading, spelling, language, and poetry. Phonics word lists, grading suggestions, and teaching tips and ideas give you extra tools for success!


  • Ease of use. This easy-to-use volume includes bold headings, charts, numbered steps, diagrams and illustrations, and a contents page for each of the three sections. Find just what you need quickly. The spiral binding makes it easy to keep open just the page you want.
  • Proven success. “Incredible!”—that is how the results of Abeka's proven systematic phonetical approach to reading have been described. Unlike programs that add a smattering of phonics to their look-say reading method, the Abeka program has phonics as its heart.
  • Course overview. A “scope and sequence” chart for each subject gives you a sequential overview of concepts covered in the 170 lessons. You can know where you are headed!
  • Clear, simple instructions. Unsure of how to teach a new letter or a new phonics special sound? Even a first-year teacher can seem like an experienced one with these clear instructions for preparation, review, procedures, and application! Includes teaching tips, time allotted, and wording and specific examples to enable you to communicate new concepts effectively and efficiently.
  • Features to make learning fun. What better way to retain new concepts than through singing them! And our 30+ practice/review games incorporated into lessons make first graders want to learn.
  • Biblical perspective. A ministry focus and biblical philosophy permeate our curriculum.