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Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit

Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit
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Grade 11
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The following items are included in this kit:

174645 Handbook of Grammar and Composition
108308 Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition
108324 Workbook V Quiz and Test Book
108359 American Literature
86487 The Scarlet Letter (Literary Classics)
108367 American Literature Quiz and Test Book
174599 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry V
174629 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry V Quiz Book
95370 Plane Geometry
178101 Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Book
182931 Chemistry: Precision and Design
182966 Chemistry Test Book
182982 Chemistry Quiz Book
183024 Chemistry Lab Manual
103462 United States History: Heritage of Freedom
103497 Heritage of Freedom Test Book
103527 Heritage of Freedom Quiz Book
175315 Science in Action: Science Project Guide