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Science: Matter and Energy Digital Textbook

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Digital Textbook Presents science as the systematic study of God's design in the physical creation.  Teaches fundamental properties and behavior of matter and energy with a focus on their chemical and physical interactions: includes application to familiar processes and devices. Provides a basic introduction to the mathematical aspects of science. Lays a firm foundation for future studies in chemistry, physics, and other fields while teaching students the Christian perspective of science. Lists key concepts at the head of each chapter.

pronunciation helps
keywords in bold
vivid photographs
full-color diagrams

Includes section reviews and a chapter review for each chapter to reinforce learning.
Digital Textbooks are licensed for 12 months from the date they are redeemed.

115592 Science: Matter and Energy Teacher Edition
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193453 Science: Matter and Energy Digital Teaching Aids—New
115657 Science: Matter and Energy Test Book
115665 Science Matter and Energy Test Key
115673 Science Matter and Energy Quiz Book
115681 Science: Matter and Energy Quiz Key
115614 Science: Matter and Energy Lab Manual
115622 Science Matter and Energy Lab Manual Teacher Edition

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