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Health in Christian Perspective Digital Textbook—New

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Grades 8 – 12
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​Digital Textbooks - Written from a thoroughly Christian perspective, this interesting, practical text addresses the health care issues that concern young adults today. It also discusses the various body systems in the field of health care that most directly involves them. As students read about nutrition, growth, and development, they learn about the digestive and endocrine systems. The section on fitness includes the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory; the section on mental health, and the nervous system. This integral approach helps students better understand their bodies and determine the steps needed to attain and maintain good health. Other important chapters include information on safety, first aid, drug abuse, and interpersonal relationships. Students and teachers alike are sure to appreciate the colorful photographs, illustrations, and diagrams-including an atlas of the body systems-as well as the study questions for comprehension, application, and review.

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174165 Health in Christian Perspective Teacher Edition
175129 Health in Christian Perspective Answer Key
174173 Health in Christian Perspective Quiz and Test Book
174181 Health in Christian Perspective Quiz and Test Key

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