AK5 Seatwork Digital Teaching Aids (cursive)

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Item No.  202622
Grade N/A
Digital Item Type Digital Teaching Aid
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         Save time preparing your classroom for the next day’s assignments with the AK5 Seatwork Digital Teaching Aids. Utilizing this format provides additional teaching space on your board as the content the students copy for seatwork (independent work done while others are in reading circle) is now either projected on a screen, wall, or television or can be printed on large poster-sized charts for display. Students improve their cursive writing skills including formation, size, space, and slant as they copy from large, colorful writing examples.

         These Digital Teaching Aids coordinate with the AK5 Curriculum to provide board work for daily seatwork lessons. Seatwork is completed three days a week, beginning in Lesson 18, and increases to five days a week as the year progresses

Digital Teaching Aids are broadly compatible with your favorite presentation software that supports .mov, .mp4, and .flv file formats, whether you are running the software on a computer, tablet, or other mobile device.