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Sword Drills (Book)

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Item No.  24244
Grades 4th Grade – 6th Grade
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Binding Paperback
Pages 62
Edition First
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Charge! Children love racing to be the first to find a Bible verse. Conduct a Sword drill for a homeschool or church group or even among your own children. A single child can learn to build his speed in finding verses by racing against the clock. Sword drill competitions are a great way to learn the names and locations of the books of the Bible.

This book gives you instructions for conducting a sword drill, championship guidelines, and 689 Bible references to use in the drills. The Bible references are divided into 4 sections, making it easy to keep track of which drills you have already used or to use different sections for different contexts such as at home and with a children’s church service. Each section contains 27 Sword drills, consisting of 6 verses each. You can help children know where every book of the Bible is located. Each of the 66 books is represented by at least 5 good, helpful verses. Use this book to help children become skilled in handling God’s Word! Gr. 5–6.

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