K5 Student Kit—Manuscript (Old Configurable Item)

K5 Student Kit—Manuscript (Old Configurable Item)

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With the K5 Manuscript Student Kit, your student will be given the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning! The quick success that your kindergartner gains by learning to read phonetically makes reading so much fun! He will soon become an independent reader with stories that keep his interest. The kit includes all of the student’s essential materials—a total of 20 items. Combine this kit with the K5 Manuscript Teacher kit, and your student will become ready for first grade!


         Phonics—Your student will enjoy carefully sequenced activities that will teach him his vowels, consonants, blends, one- and two-vowel words, and special sounds. Abeka phonics has produced thousands of successful readers for more than half a century!

         Reading—Building on this foundation of phonics, by end of first semester your student will actually be reading little readers!

         Manuscript writing—From tracing the letters to writing them on his own, your student will be taught to neatly print his letters as he carefully forms each “ball” and “stick.” The “houses” with upstairs, downstairs, and basement guide your child in the size and placement of each letter. As he carefully forms his letters, he will learn the character qualities of neatness and caring about his work.

         Numbers—Your student will memorize addition facts up through the number 10 and will be able to identify what numbers come before and after any number from 1 to 100. He will also begin to learn about subtraction, complete one-step story problems with addition, and recognize the largest and smallest numbers from a set of numbers.

        Development Skills—The coloring pages, mazes, directed-art pages, and other activities in Think and Learn K5 aid your kindergartener in the development of writing readiness, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, listening and thinking skills, and good character.