Writing with Phonics 1 Manuscript—Old Configurable Item

Writing with Phonics 1 Manuscript—Old Configurable Item

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Grade 1st Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Pages 256
Edition Fifth
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For those who prefer to teach manuscript writing (printing) rather than cursive, this 255-page workbook will provide your child with the foundational skills of manuscript writing before he learns cursive writing in second grade. The formation guide gives you and your child a template to follow. Each lesson features warm-up exercises as well as an example of the letter that is being practiced that day. Help your child master letter formation, size, spacing, correct posture for writing, and correct position for paper and pencil. Begins with single letters and progresses to phonics blends of more than one letter, special sounds, and words for your child to trace and copy. Phonics, spelling, and creative writing skills are built into the exercises.

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