The Scarlet Letter (Literary Classics) Digital Textbook—New

The Scarlet Letter (Literary Classics) Digital Textbook—New


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Grade 11th Grade
Digital Item Type Digital Textbook
Pages 331
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With this digital version, your student is able to read and view the book on any mobile, tablet, or computer device. Just like having a regular book, your student can highlight and leave notes in the margin of this digital text. Enhance learning with various features such as copy, paste, search, bookmark, and zoom. Save more space and cost by purchasing this digital version of the Scarlet Letter novel.

 What other novel demonstrates so well an understanding of people’s motives and feelings while recognizing the consequences of particular actions? The Scarlet Letter, the classic fiction by American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, provides your high schooler with a complete novel for study in conjunction with his study of American literature for English 11. The study questions included with this edition check factual, interpretive, and inferential comprehension. The study notes throughout the book guide your teen to discern the truths of Scripture presented in this significant work.

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