Reading Comprehension 2 —New (Unbound)

Reading Comprehension 2 —New (Unbound)


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Item No.  307769
Grade 2nd Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Unbound item
Pages 85
Edition First
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            Skip tearing out your students’ pages needed for the day with these shrink-wrapped, loose-leaf pages in this unbound version.  Evaluate your students' reading comprehension with 36 reading exercises! Each story is followed by questions designed to enhance comprehension based on facts, general reasoning, or implications.  Stimulate your students' reading interest with a wide variety of topics that are discussed in these exercises, including science articles, recipes, short stories, and more! Help your students improve their speed and comprehension and teach students to think and problem solve on a higher level. Correlated with grade 2 reading curriculum lesson plans for second semester.