World History 7 Enrollment

World History 7 Enrollment

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Grade 7th Grade

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History is the written record of mankind; but only as it is studied as “His story,” can we really learn the principles and life lessons it has for us. When your child is shown the rise and fall of nations and individuals as they respond to God’s truth, the stories of the history of the world will begin to make sense. His A Beka Academy video teacher will take him, along with his video classmates, through the exciting halls of history to meet the Egyptians and their pyramids, Rome and its empire, Johann Gutenberg and his printing press, America and the Industrial Era, the World Wars, and more. He will also study geography, helping him to understand history even better because it tells us about the places where history has happened. As your child becomes acquainted with the students on the video, he will feel as though he is a part of the class. The teacher will even pause to allow “classmates watching” opportunity to participate during reviews, geography drills, etc.

The prerecorded online video streaming or DVDs give you the flexibility to set your own daily schedule. You have a full 12 months to complete the 170 lessons, which take 40–50 minutes of viewing time each. You also have the option to purchase either the tuition and books or tuition only (for those who may already have some of the materials and wish to purchase individual items separately). Both options include the assessment materials, a video manual to help you stay on track with the video teacher, and record-keeping progress reports to document progress through the school year.

A Beka Academy also offers the option of Independent Study, in which you keep your teen’s academic records, or our Accredited Program. Our Accredited Program does not cost a penny more and provides official report cards, an official transcript, and free standardized testing. It also gives you the option to choose digital assessments. With either option, academic assistance is only a phone call or an e-mail away.

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