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Book of Acts Curriculum

Book of Acts Curriculum
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Grade 8
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Includes a Scope and Sequence and daily plans for a 4 day-a-week Bible class listing hymns, memory work, and lesson title for each day. Bible lessons are from:
John the Baptist/Peter Flash-A-Cards
Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ Flash-A-Cards
Life of Paul Series 1 Flash-A-Cards
Life of Paul Series 2 Flash-A-Cards

123536 John the Baptist/Peter Flash-a-Card
198323 Crucifixion and Resurrection Flash-a-Card Bible Stories—New
197475 Life of Paul Series 2 Flash-a-Cards
98345 Book of Acts Test Book
100013 Book of Acts Test Key
111732 Book of Acts Sing His Praise CD
109061 Sing His Praise Hymnal

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