Arithmetic/Mathematics Grades K–12

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A traditional program geared for success.

Arithmetic/mathematics from a traditional perspective…

  • stresses the absolutes of creation
  • trains students’ mental abilities
  • gives students concrete facts for building mathematical understanding

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Geared for success K–6

This complete program of worktexts and daily lesson plans is the result of more than 55 years of teaching kindergarten and elementary students to master basic arithmetic. The program is designed to help you provide clear instruction and extensive practice in building arithmetic skills so arithmetic becomes a positive experience for your children.

Structured for success 7–12

Logical arrangement of the materials and texts aids learning step by step from basic concepts to the more difficult.

Students gain success in concepts, computation, and application.

Spiraling method to skill building

The program’s spiral method within each grade and from one grade to the next ensures repetition and continuous maintenance of basic skills.

For details, see A Beka Book Mathematics Scope & Sequence K-8.

Method to skill examples

Math Img

Emphasis on problem solving

With emphasis on problem solving, students learn to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations.

Problem Solving Example

Traditional approach to mathematics

As your children learn concrete facts, they gain understanding, which builds the foundation for more abstract concepts they will encounter later on.

Traditional approach Example

Evaluate student success daily and weekly with assessment

A complete testing program

A set of tests allows you to continually evaluate your child’s progress. In kindergarten, evaluations are oral and written. For elementary grades, arithmetic combination drills and tests are included for the entire year in the Test and Speed Drill Book. In grades 7–12, test and quiz books are used to assess progress.

Testing Example

Experience success using tried and proven lesson plans

Detailed Curriculum

Teachers appreciate these detailed lesson guides that save hours of planning. Each lesson includes teacher preparation and teaching procedure. They are full of practical tips for effectively teaching concepts and reviewing the skills for mastery.

Detailed Curriculum Example

Success-oriented teaching visualsSupport Materials

Invaluable support materials

These colorful visuals add variety to instruction throughout the year.

Support Materials

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