Bible 8 Teacher Kit

Bible 8 Teacher Kit


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Item No.  181072
Grade 8th Grade
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The following items are included in this kit:

123536 John the Baptist/Peter Flash-a-Card
241881 Crucifixion and Resurrection Flash-a-Card
241946 Life of Paul Series 1 Flash-a-Card
197475 Life of Paul Series 2 Flash-a-Cards
98337 Book of Acts Curriculum
100013 Book of Acts Test Key
111732 Book of Acts Sing His Praise CD
75957 Joshua Flash-a-Card
158097 Judges Flash-a-Card
271136 Ruth Flash-a-Card—Revised
14117 Life of Samuel Flash-a-Card
14176 Esther Flash-a-Card
14184 Ezra and Nehemiah Flash-a-Card
99058 Joshua and Judges Maps
98361 Joshua and Judges Curriculum
100021 Joshua and Judges Test Key
108979 Joshua and Judges Sing His Praise CD
109061 Sing His Praise Hymnal