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Grade 1 Language Arts Child Kit (Manuscript)—New Edition

Grade 1 Language Arts Child Kit (Manuscript)—New Edition
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A Beka’s renowned first-grade language arts program seamlessly integrates and balances the learning of language subject matter with the development of language skills in one all-inclusive daily plan. These conveniently prepared instructions will help you teach phonics, reading, spelling, language, and poetry. Your child will also make great progress in the skills of pemanship, oral reading, and oral communication. The Grade 1 Language Arts Child Kit contains texts and correlated assessments for the whole grade 1 language arts curriculum—16 items total. Combine this kit with the Grade 1 Language Arts Parent Kit, and you can confidently teach and guide your first grader through a year of academic excellence in language arts from a Christian perspective. He will have begun building a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Kit Features

      Phonics—Regardless of your child’s phonics background, A Beka’s six steps to reading will turn him into a reader! This proven system teaches thousands of beginning readers every year.

      Reading—Ten engaging reading books of his very own plus daily systematic practice teach word analysis skills, build vocabulary, increase reading comprehension, and further develop the thinking process. And he will love the stories and Bible reading!

      Language–Early work in language skills increases your child’s thinking and writing skills. He will learn to write complete sentences and even turn them into stories!

      Spelling and Poetry—The 30 phonics-based word lists with activities reinforce reading skills and teach spelling. And your child will memorize 8 delightful poems!

      WritingA Beka’s step-by-step approach to good penmanship emphasizes neatness and correct letter formation. Phonics, spelling, and creative writing are built into the daily penmanship practice. Although manuscript writing is not included in the Parent Kit lesson plans, you would teach your child one page from the Writing with Phonics book per day.

The following items are included in this kit:

195227 Fun with Pets—New Edition
195251 Tiptoes—New Edition
195278 Stepping Stones—New Edition
195308 Secrets and Surprises—New Edition
195367 Kind and Brave—New Edition
195383 Aesop's Fables—New Edition
195634 Strong and True—New Edition
197084 Down by the Sea—New Edition
182788 Primary Bible Reader—New Edition
201103 Handbook for Reading—New Edition
196924 Letters and Sounds 1—New Edition
196967 Letters and Sounds 1 Test Book—New Edition
138533 Miniature Alphabet Flashcards
196878 Language 1—New Edition
197076 Spelling and Poetry 1—New Edition
197041 Writing with Phonics 1 Manuscript—New Edition
271942 1st Grade Writing Tablet—New Edition
195332 Animals in the Great Outdoors—New Edition
115371 Art Projects 1—New Edition
196908 Bible Friends Activity Book—New Edition
297836 Grade 1 Language Arts Parent Kit—New Edition