Kings of Israel Digital Textbook

Kings of Israel Digital Textbook


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Grade 9th Grade
Digital Item Type Digital Textbook
Pages 387
Edition Third
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Delight your ninth grader with the study of God’s Word as he delves into Israel’s fascinating history. Your child will learn about the suffering of Israelites under King Saul, and their blessings under King David. The second half of the course covers the Divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, and the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. Two major themes are sprinkled throughout this course—the blessings of repentance and obedience, and the consequences of defiance and disobedience. Complete with timelines and review questions for each section, this study outline will guide your student through the history of Israel while he gleans spiritual lessons that are applicable today.

With this digital version, your student is able to read and view the book on any mobile, tablet, or computer device. Just like having a regular book, your student can highlight and leave notes in the margin of this digital text. Enhance learning with various features such as copy, paste, search, bookmark, and zoom to enhance learning. Save more space and cost by purchasing the digital version of this textbook.

107522 Kings of Israel Teacher Edition
107557 Kings of Israel Quiz and Test Book
179027 Kings of Israel Quiz and Test Key
101818 Bible Doctrines Sing His Praise CD
109061 Sing His Praise Hymnal

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