Silas Marner (Literary Classics) Digital Textbook

Silas Marner (Literary Classics) Digital Textbook


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Grade 10th Grade
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Pages 266
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George Eliot’s timeless classic Silas Marner is a story about betrayal and secrets. It is also a story about love and redemption. Everything changes on the snowy New Year’s Eve when a young mother dies near Silas’s cottage, leaving her little daughter alone in the world and in need of kindness and a father. Study notes for each chapter will guide your teen to discern the truths presented in this significant work. Recommended for grade 10 in conjunction with the text World Literature.

With this digital version, your student is able to read and view the book on any mobile, tablet, or computer device. Just like having a regular book, your student can highlight and leave notes in the margin of this digital text. To enhance learning, digital textbook also has various features such as copy, paste, search, bookmark, and zoom. Save more space and cost by purchasing the digital version of this novel.

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