Biology: God's Living Creation Digital Textbook


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Grade 10th Grade
Digital Item Type Digital Textbook
Pages 569
Edition Fourth
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Digital Book. Truly non-evolutionary in philosophy, spirit, and sequence of study, this 544-page text begins with the familiar, tangible things of nature and concludes with God’s amazing design at the cellular and chemical level. Abstract concepts are tied to concrete examples through clear, easy-to-read explanations, laying a firm foundation for future studies in chemistry, physics, and other fields. Along with academic knowledge, your student will gain a greater appreciation for God’s physical creation and an increased interest in science. Key concepts listed at the head of each chapter, pronunciation helps, bold key terms, vivid photographs, full-color diagrams, section reviews, and chapter reviews aid learning and enjoyment. The text will lead your student through a study of botany, zoology, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, cytology, genetics, and ecology that reflect the latest advances in man’s understanding of living things without neglecting a foundation in the basics. Page numbers match the 544 pages of print version (also available). Gr. 9-12.

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