Sex, Love, and Romance

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Item No.  60291
Grades 7th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Binding Paperback
Pages 192
Edition Second
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In today’s amoral society, it takes directed teaching to guide your teens to adopt biblical morality for themselves. And you want those serious conversations between you and your teens to be centered on the guidance provided in Scripture. This book can help! Using biblical terminology and examples, the book offers principles to guide the young teen in gaining a biblical perspective regarding sex, love, and romance. The author, Dr. Hugh Pyle, discusses adultery, fornication, and homosexuality as they are presented in the Bible and explains their results. The book also details God’s plan concerning purity and marriage and the consequences of disobeying His moral commands in these areas. You can determine how much you want to discuss with your teen, using God’s truth to give you direction. Questions at the end of sections can help guide your discussions so that you can know that your teen has a biblical understanding. Use this book as part of the physical education, Bible, health, or science curriculum. Available for grades 7–12.