Practical Information to Take Your Christian School
to the Next Level

April 4–6, 2022

Pensacola, FL

Why Attend?

Come observe a thriving Christian school and discover new ideas for your ministry.

Get pointers for success in administrative methods

Observe Pensacola Christian Academy classrooms

Discover how to run effective PTMs and programs

Learn best practices for using Abeka

Shop curriculum in-person at the Abeka book sale

What to Expect


Teachers, students, and parents come to you for answers. But sometimes you have questions, too.

Principals Clinic will help you find the answers from within the scope of traditional education.

In classroom observations, you’ll see firsthand

  • Ways to cover the Abeka material while maintaining personal style
  • How to integrate technology
  • Effective patterns for high school scheduling
  • Methods to keep students engaged
The clinic is excellent—so well run and organized. The staff and speakers are very knowledgeable and convey information clearly. I’m so glad I got to experience it. I’m taking great instruction and wisdom home with me.

2 Insightful Tracks



Office Management

Office Management

Sample Tracks

Subject to change

Principals Track

Personnel procedures

Business procedures

Christian school philosophy

Keys to kindergarten success

Helping teachers succeed

Elementary curriculums

Secondary curriculum (gr. 7–12)

Practical suggestions for operating/starting a school

Admission and evaluation of students

Kindergarten, elementary & secondary observations

Integrating Christian principles into academics

Characteristics of a supervisor

How to observe

Office Management Track

Admissions procedures

Best practices in business

Effective receptionist and secretarial skills

Equipping your office

Handling accounts and collections

Parent orientation procedures

Records management and documentation retention

Smooth beginning and ending of school year
I’ve enjoyed my time here. I have taken away many helpful resources that will improve my school.
President Troy Shoemaker speaking in a classroom

Note from the President

Pensacola Christian Academy has a rich heritage of over 65 years in Christian education. Over that time, through the vision of Dr. and Mrs. Arlin Horton, we have developed tried-and-true methods for successfully operating a vibrant Christian school ministry.

Principals Clinic is designed to inspire principals, administrators, and pastors to greater servant-leadership and effectiveness, while offering in-depth solutions for common administrative procedures. Our skilled, professional staff will share invaluable knowledge and proven techniques so you’ll be thoroughly prepared in a variety of key topics. And the Office Management track for secretaries and office staff will greatly benefit your personnel.

Make plans early to attend! We would count it a privilege to help you build a more effective Christian school ministry for the Lord.

Join us for Principals Clinic 2022.

Troy A. Shoemaker, Ed.D.

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