Learn from experienced teaching professionals, receive in-depth training on best materials and methods, and gain valuable COVID-19 teaching and leadership strategies.

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Learn how to adapt your teaching during COVID-19.

Earn professional development credits.

Learn how to use modern technology with traditional education.

Learn best practices for using the Abeka curriculum.

Get encouragement to continue making a difference for Christ.

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Dr. Troy Shoemaker

Dr. Troy Shoemaker was inaugurated as president of Pensacola Christian...
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College in 2012 after the retirement of the founder, Dr. Arlin Horton. Prior to his current role as president, he served in many key leadership positions, including 16 years as administrator of Pensacola Christian Academy—one of the largest Christian schools in America. He has a broad and deep understanding of education and is considered one of the top experts in the industry as well as a leader in influencing the future of Christian education.
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Mr. Joshua Birx

Joshua Birx is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College’s...
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undergraduate and graduate history education programs as well as the graduate–level educational leadership program. Since 2012, Joshua has exhibited outstanding leadership as the administrator of Pensacola Christian Academy. Each year, his goal is to better equip faculty as they teach students to identify God’s hand in all areas of life.
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Mrs. Amy Yohe

From teacher to principal to managing editor of Abeka,...
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Amy Yohe is an expert on Abeka curriculum. After graduating with her master’s in educational leadership, she spent nearly 20 years serving in the classroom and becoming a master teacher. Today, Amy leads the Abeka team in making products easy so parents and teachers around the world can make them amazing.
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General Sessions

Building Solid Foundations—Dr. Troy Shoemaker
Scripture teaches that foundations are essential to spiritual endeavors. This session looks at the foundational differences between traditional and progressive education, highlighting practical ways that administrators can assess current practices and leverage biblical principles in an educational institution.

Do Christian Schools Still Matter?—Dr. Troy Shoemaker
The current pandemic introduced a bit of educational chaos in many parts of the country. As each school and family was forced to find a way in uncharted territory, some people are wondering if staying the course with their Christian school is a good idea. Join this session to find out why it is important for families to continue in Christian traditional education.

Leadership during Crisis—Mr. Joshua Birx
Nothing tests the mettle of a leader like a crisis. Yet Scripture shows us that God chooses to use individuals in leadership who do not feel qualified. You will be encouraged and better equipped for leadership after watching this session.

Discipline Principles That Work—Mr. Joshua Birx
Student deportment directly impacts learning. Join this session for practical discipline principles that every administrator should know!

Building Critical Thinking into the Lesson—Mrs. Amy Yohe
We haven’t finished teaching if students aren’t thinking on their own. This session provides insight into how to take students from rudimentary knowledge to creative problem-solving skills.

Catching Up with Curriculum—Mrs. Amy Yohe
This past spring’s school closures and at-home learning means many students are not prepared to begin this fall on track. Abeka curriculum is designed in such a way that teachers can effectively remediate while still progressing with the scheduled scope and sequence to keep students on track for graduation.

Grades 7–12

  • Effective Teaching—Miss Lynlee Burns
  • Teaching Grades 7–12 History—Miss Lynlee Burns
  • Teaching Grades 7–12 Bible—Mr. Bobby Crockett
  • Teaching Grades 7–12 Math—Miss Shonna Smith
  • Teaching Grades 7–12 English—Mr. Ryan Bucy
  • Teaching Grades 7–12 Science—Miss Katrina Swafford
  • Classroom Management—Mrs. Renée Fouts

Grades 4–6

  • Effective Teaching—Miss Kimberly Dabbelt
  • Teaching K5–Grade 6 Bible—Miss Kimberly Dabbelt
  • Classroom Management—Miss Kimberly Dabbelt
  • Teaching Arithmetic—Miss Amy Amsbaugh
  • Teaching Grades 3–6 Reading—Miss Melissa Lewis
  • Teaching Grades 4–6 Language—Mrs. Kathy Meester


All times are in CT

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Time Grade Title Speaker
10 a.m. General Sessions* Building Solid Foundations Dr. Troy Shoemaker
11 a.m. Nursery–K5 Classroom Management Mrs. Travis McLaughlin
Grades 1–3 Effective Teaching Miss Brooke Greening
12 noon Grades 4–6 Effective Teaching Miss Kimberly Dabbelt
Grades 7–12 Effective Teaching Miss Lynlee Burns
1 p.m. Nursery–K5 Teaching Numbers Mrs. Stephanie Pinkney
K5–Grade 6 Teaching K5–Grade 6 Bible Miss Kimberly Dabbelt
Grades 7–12 Teaching Grades 7–12 Science Miss Katrina Swafford
2 p.m. Grades 7–12 Teaching Grades 7–12 History Miss Lynlee Burns
General Sessions* Discipline Principles That Work Mr. Joshua Birx
3 p.m. Live Q&A New Product Demo Q&A—Elementary Mrs. Tanya Harrington

*Recommended to watch to complete your CEU hours

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Time Grade Title Speaker
10 a.m. Nursery–K5 Teaching Writing/
Writing Class/Evaluation
Mrs. Kellie Walker
Grades 1–3 Classroom Management Mrs. Brooke Park
11 a.m. Grades 4–6 Classroom Management Miss Kimberly Dabbelt
Grades 7–12 Classroom Management Mrs. Renée Fouts
12 noon Nursery–K5 The Joy of Reading Mrs. Rachel Cuendet
Grades 1–3 Teaching Arithmetic Mrs. Jadine Chappell
1 p.m. Grades 4–6 Teaching Grades 3–6 Reading Miss Melissa Lewis
Grades 7–12 Teaching Grades 7–12 English Mr. Ryan Bucy
General Sessions* Leadership during Crisis Mr. Joshua Birx
2 p.m. General Sessions* Catching Up with Curriculum Mrs. Amy Yohe
- New Product Demo—High School Science and Math Mrs. Monica Percival &
Mr. Micah Conlon
- New Product Demo—High School History and English Mrs. Megan Russell &
Mrs. Kaitlin Hicks
3 p.m. Live Q&A Q&A—High School Mrs. Monica Percival &
Mrs. Amy Yohe

*Recommended to watch to complete your CEU hours

Friday, August 7, 2020

Time Grade Title Speaker
10 a.m. Nursery–K5 Teaching Phonics Mrs. Kellie Walker
Grades 1–3 Teaching Grades 1–2 Phonics and Reading Mrs. Jadine Chappell
11 a.m. Grades 4–6 Teaching Arithmetic Miss Amy Amsbaugh
Grades 7–12 Teaching Grades 7–12 Bible Mr. Bobby Crockett
12 noon Nursery–K5 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus: Teaching Bible Mrs. Naomi Sleeth
Grades 1–3 Teaching Grade 3 Language Mrs. Laura Quito
1 p.m. Grades 4–6 Teaching Grades 4–6 Language Mrs. Kathy Meester
Grades 7–12 Teaching Grades 7–12 Math Miss Shonna Smith
General Sessions* Building Critical Thinking into the Lesson Mrs. Amy Yohe
2 p.m. General Sessions* Do Christian Schools Still Matter? Dr. Troy Shoemaker
3 p.m. Live Q&A Remediation and Starting the School Year Right Mr. Joshua Birx & Mrs. Amy Yohe

*Recommended to watch to complete your CEU hours

Everyone was very informative! I enjoyed ALL the instructors and their classes!
—Delegate from Greensboro, NC

Guidance that Inspires

Seminar speakers are skilled professionals with years of experience on Pensacola Christian’s faculty and staff. Their invaluable knowledge, proven techniques, and helpful tips could be just what your Christian school has been looking for.

Carefully Creafted Content
I loved how the teachers stressed the importance of a walk with God and adding biblical principles throughout the day.
—Delegate from Marrero, LA

Note from the President

Currently, Christian schools across the nation are finding themselves in a unique educational environment. Now more than ever, teachers and administrators need the support and encouragement to keep students learning—and learning well.

For your health and safety, Abeka will host the first-ever Virtual Summer Seminar. You’ll build upon what you already know, take your skills higher, and gain valuable COVID-19 teaching and leadership strategies.

You’ll receive in-depth training on materials and methods and learn practical skills to use every day in your school and classroom. Teachers and administrators will show you the methods that have worked exceptionally at Pensacola Christian Academy for over 65 years.

You can also connect with other teachers and administrators from across the country. Share goals with them, discuss ideas, and build on each other’s experiences and knowledge.

Troy A. Shoemaker, Ed.D.



When is the latest that I can register?

Registrations must be submitted by Wednesday, August 5, at 8 a.m. CT.

Can I register everyone from my school with my e-mail?

Attendees must register personally with their own e-mail address.

May two of our teachers share the same e-mail address?

In order to get professional development / Continuing Education Units (CEUs), each teacher/administrator must register with a unique e-mail address.

Can we watch the Seminar together as a group?

Absolutely! Make sure you log in separately to take the short survey for each session to get your CEUs.

When does the Virtual Summer Seminar start?

The Seminar will be available beginning Wednesday, August 5, at 10 a.m. CT.

How long are each of the sessions?

Sessions are 30–40 minutes; however, an hour is designated for each session. This allows time for a break between sessions.

How do I watch the Seminar?

After registration closes at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, August 5, an e-mail will be sent to those who are registered with a link to the Virtual Summer Seminar. The link will take you to the EventMobi site and will prompt you to enter the e-mail you used for registering and ask you to choose a password. The videos will start at 10 a.m. CT.

Are the sessions recorded or interactive?

Most of the sessions are recorded; however, some of the question-and-answer sessions will be interactive during the official seminar dates.

Can I watch or rewatch the sessions at a later time or date?

Yes, sessions will be available to all registered attendees to watch for approximately one year. You are welcome to watch or rewatch at a date and time convenient for you.

Is there a deadline for watching the videos in order to get a CEU / professional development credit?

Yes, in order to get a CEU / professional development credit for attending the Seminar, sessions must be watched by August 31, 2020.

What is a CEU?

A CEU is a certified record that you have completed an adequate amount of instructional contact hours.

How many sessions do I need to watch in order get a CEU?

12 sessions will need to be completed in order to receive 1 CEU.

Can I watch any 12 sessions in order to receive one CEU?

Yes. However, you should watch sessions for the grades and subjects you teach. Additional sessions will be your choice. (We recommend the General Sessions track.)

How should I be prepared?

You will need a laptop or a computer with Internet availability, and you may want to have a pen and paper with you to take notes during the session.

How do you track that we watch the sessions?

A survey will be given with for each session watched. The survey is located below the document section. You will be e-mailed your professional development hours after the event is completed and survey results received for each session you watched.

My name is spelled incorrectly on the ticket I received. How do I change this?

You can update your profile at Eventbrite.com by logging in to your account and selecting the profile icon near the upper right-hand corner, then clicking on your name. After editing your information, scroll down to the bottom and click save.

I live outside the U.S. and am having difficulty registering.

Ensure you have chosen the country you are from on the registration page. If you continue to have issues, please let us know.

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