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September 25, 2019 at 9:00 AM CDT Kindergarten and Phonics - an Amazing Beginning Register Now Come along with us as we discuss our Kindergarten and Phonics programs. With Abeka, children are learning, having fun, and enjoying the challenges while growing in Godly wisdom -which allows for an amazing beginning.
New for 2019 at Abeka Join us for this online event to learn about the new and revised products we have for you in 2019.  Your host will also include what is new at Abeka Academy and will explain the discounts, special promotions, and other money-saving opportunities for this year.
Phonics: The Key to Unlock the Door to Reading Your child must first learn to read before they can read to learn. Join us for this presentation, and we will demonstrate how Abeka teaches phonics in a logical, traditional approach. This time proven approach will not teach your child to memorize words, but how to decode them phonetically, opening up a whole new world of learning.
Abeka math: The Answer for Homeschool Families Join us for this Online Event to learn how your child can improve their mathematical abilities by using a proven, traditional approach to Arithmetic. We will explain the philosophy and show how it builds your child’s skills so that they can be successful in upper level Mathematics, where abstract thinking is vital.
Kindergarten and Phonics—an Amazing Beginning Come along with us as we discuss our Kindergarten and Phonics programs. With Abeka, children are learning, having fun, and enjoying the challenges while growing in Godly wisdom—which allows for an amazing beginning.
Abeka Academy — The complete solution If you are looking for an approach to homeschooling that will give you more time, allow your children to be more independent, and give you the flexibility to enjoy the whole process, then join this discussion on Abeka Academy. We’ll give some background, discuss the options, and take the time to care for any questions or concerns that you may have.
Why Choose Abeka? Choosing the best curriculum for your homeschooling needs can be challenging. This online event will give you valuable information about what Abeka is founded on, and the tools that you can use to provide an excellent education to your student.
Preparing for the First Day with Abeka Academy This event gives families who have already enrolled in Abeka Academy ideas on where to begin when preparing for the school year. We’ll give some good, practical pointers for early organization and planning ahead, while giving those who may be considering ABA an idea on what to expect after enrollment.
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Question and Answer Do you have questions about next year's curriculum, or are you considering homeschooling for the first time?

Perhaps you¿re wondering "What is the difference between parent teaching and using a video program? Can Abeka really provide me with everything I need for a thorough, balanced education? How can I fit everything in?"

We'll take the time to address your concerns and meet your needs during this customer-guided online meeting. You'll be able to submit questions before and during the meeting.
Abeka Academy: A Complete Homeschool Solution Looking for a quality Christian education at home, but your time is limited? Join us for this Online Event and see why over 40,000 students are enrolled in Abeka Academy. During this presentation, we will give you an overview of Abeka Academy, emphasize the quality education your child will receive, and highlight the time saving benefits for your family. Also presented will be information on our accreditation, pricing, and flexible options available to you.
Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Join Tabby to get discount codes and hear about the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling. She’ll give insight from her years of experience and gladly answer any questions you have!
Making It Legal Legal requirements for homeschooling can be an overwhelming topic, but Tabby will break making it legal down into simple steps. Plus, you’ll be able to save money with discount codes you get just for showing up.
How to Teach with Abeka You’ll always make homeschooling your own, but what’s the foundation? Join Tabby to hear about how to teach with Abeka and get money-saving discount codes, plus the answers to any questions you have.
How to Test with Abeka Come to the last Online Meeting/Q&A of the summer to get tips for testing with Abeka and special discounts like 15% off textbook orders of $350 or more. Still have questions about Abeka? Just put them in the chat box.
Introduction to Homeschooling with Abeka Come join us as we share some keys to help you have a successful year with Abeka. Whether you are new, or have homeschooled for years, this practical Online Event has something for every family. We will show you some money-saving ideas as well as organizational strategies to help you streamline your day for a more enjoyable homeschool experience.
How do I make homeschooling fit into my crazy life
How to homeschool more than one child
Set them up for Success: planning the best year ever
Lesson Plan Love
10 steps to homeschooling
Grading tips
Abeka Academy - about the program video options
How to deal with an unfocused child

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Get all your questions answered without having to pick up the phone or start an online chat. Learn about tips to make the most of your budget to Abeka Academy’s high school graduation requirements.

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How long are these events?

Online Events are about twenty minutes, then there’s the Q&A time that lasts as long as you have questions.When you put in your ZIP Code to find an event, you’ll see the dates and locations for conventions near you.

Convention lengths vary, but they typically last 1–3 days.

How should I prepare?

It’s helpful if you have

  • a list of questions,
  • a list of what you’re looking for (e.g., math and science grade 7, literature grade 12), and
  • a list of materials you know you want to buy. (The quickest way to put it together is to use the shopping list at the back of your Abeka catalog or the Quick Order option at

If you’re active or retired military, please have your military ID available for verification to receive your 5% discount.

How much do events cost?

Online Events are free! Admission to homeschool conventions generally ranges from $40 to $135. Register early if you can, since many conventions charge more at the door.

Can I attend more than one event?

Sure! There’s no limit to attendance.

What if I have follow-up questions?

We would love to answer them! Rep contact information will be given at the online event you attend or at the convention.

Do I need to register?

Online Events are free but require a quick registration. Homeschool conventions vary in cost and also require registration.