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ProTeach Video

ProTeach Video

4-year-olds to 6th grade

Make teaching English easy with video lessons taught by expert teachers. Every subject is available!

Teacher Kit

Teacher Materials

18 months to 6th grade

Support your teachers with colorful teaching aids & step-by-step lesson plans.

Student Materials

Student Materials

18 months to 6th grade

Encourage English mastery with engaging, books from a biblical worldview. Every subject is available!

History of Abeka

Equipping Excellent Educators Since 1972

In 1972, Christian school founders Arlin and Beka Horton sought a Christian curriculum. They didn’t want to settle for the humanistic, progressive approach American publishers were taking.

They began Abeka to provide a quality education from a Christian perspective. Now, Abeka helps schools educate over 1 million students every year.

History of Abeka

Why Choose Abeka

A Higher Level for Your Bilingual School

Choosing Abeka means choosing the first Christian English publisher in Brazil.

With Abeka, You Can Teach . . .

God's Word

The Gospel and Christian Principles

lesson plans

Phonics Starting at 18 Months


Every Subject


Correct Oral and Written English, Including Grammar & Usage

Since Abeka is built on decades of classroom experience and extensive research, it can help you achieve your bilingual program goals.

Teacher & Student Success

Your teachers can succeed because of ProTeach video lessons from native English speakers and step-by-step lesson plans, even if they’ve never taught in a bilingual program.

Teach English with ProTeach

Free professional development also helps your teachers succeed. In these online training videos, you’ll see how to teach phonics, reading, writing, and more.

Children learn a new language quickly—how quickly will depend on how much time you devote.

But whether you have 2 hours, 5 hours, or more per week, your students will learn. . .

  • how the English language sounds (through phonics)
  • how the English language works (through grammar)
  • how to apply what they learn (through application questions & exercises)

Games, songs, poetry, and application exercises keep learning fun. Because of oral and written exercises combined with purposeful spiral review, your students will learn English, remember it, and be able to speak it.

Video Lessons

See What ProTeach Video Lessons Look Like

View Sample Lessons

What Teachers Are Saying

  • I am enjoying teaching with the Abeka curriculum! I’ve been teaching for 18 years now, and this program is a wonderful tool to help kids learn. It brings out their natural, God-given abilities, and they are able to progress a lot further than what traditional schools say they can. I’ve taught K4 through 3rd grade, and I’ve truly watched my students learn with excellence every year, no matter the grade! I've found that if you work this curriculum, it will work for you!!
    Julianne C.
  • I taught Abeka for 14 years. It establishes a solid foundation of the basics and provides repetition and practice with those basics every day and every year with each year becoming increasingly difficult. It's challenging and definitely college prep. The Christian principles, morals, and values taught and reinforced throughout the curriculum are priceless. I cannot say enough good things about Abeka. It is solid, tried, and true. I highly recommend it.
    Janet F.

How to Know You’re Getting What You Need

Meet Felipe Fontenelle, your Abeka Brazil representative.

Felipe Fontenelle

Mr. Fontenelle graduated from Oxford University’s teachers academy and holds a C2 level of proficiency in English. From 1999 to 2009, he taught English in bilingual programs throughout Latin America.

For the next 8 years, he served as an academic consultant promoting the bilingualism approach and helping schools implement it effectively.

When he found Abeka, he saw how well it could help bilingual schools teach English from a Christian perspective. Now he travels Brazil showing principals and curriculum coordinators how it meets their needs.

You’ll find Felipe to be kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. There’s no one better to help you successfully build your bilingual program, even if you’re just starting.

Contact Mr. Fontenelle today about Abeka for bilingual.



What to Do Next

If you don’t have a bilingual program, you risk losing enrollment to schools that do. And that means missing out on the chance to thrive—and to reach more students with the gospel.

If you already have a bilingual program but aren’t using Abeka, you miss out on Abeka’s excellent educational quality and biblical foundation.

Choosing Abeka helps you serve the whole of your students: their minds, hearts, and souls. With Abeka, you’ll prepare them to succeed at an international college and, more importantly, in their lives as servants of the Lord.

Join over 8,050 schools educating students with Abeka.

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