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Get all your questions answered without having to pick up the phone or start an online chat. Your rep knows all about Abeka—from tips on making the most of your budget to Abeka Academy’s high school graduation requirements.

  • I really enjoy being able to interact with our representatives and ask them questions as I am ordering for the next year. I feel much more confident in the ordering process when they are there.
  • I actually think if I did not see him [my rep], I would miss talking to him. Not only is he knowledgeable and helpful, but he is so personable and always has a story about when his wife was homeschooling his kids that I feel he really can relate. He understands what homeschoolers need.
  • He [our rep] is wonderful! He always remembers us even though we only see him one time per year, and he is always so very kind and knowledgeable. He is able to answer all of our questions and his love for the program is evident!
  • I would be lost without being able to go in person and talk with someone/have questions answered regarding the latest updates and changes or other info I need to know.
  • Very helpful with answering our questions. We felt very welcomed into the Abeka family.

96% of attendees said representatives at Materials Displays were knowledgeable & helpful*

74% of our customers were very likely to extremely likely to recommend us*

98% of our customers rate our products as either high quality or very high quality*

*Based on 2018 survey respondents.

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$50 off Abeka Academy New Student Enrollment
(new student full-grade, full-year enrollments through 9/14/19*)
$50 off Abeka Academy Early Enrollment
(full-grade, full-year enrollments expires 6/29/19**)
5% military discount
(on all Abeka orders for active duty or retired military personnel. Show military ID.)
10% off orders over $75
(excluding video products)
15% off orders over $350
(excluding video products)

*Must enroll by 9/14/19. For new students and former students not enrolled after 3/31/18. Full-grade, full-year enrollments only (excluding K4). Can be combined with other discounts.

**Expires 6/29/19. Offer good on any full-grade, full-year enrollment (excluding K4.) Can be combined with other discounts.

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Browse Abeka’s most popular products . . . flip through them . . . and picture what it would be like to use them. If you have any questions, your rep can help! You can get all your curriculum buying done at just one Materials Display or homeschool convention.

What about Online Events? Your rep can help you figure out what you need without your having to even leave the house.

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How long are these events?

Online Events are about twenty minutes, then there’s the Q&A time that lasts as long as you have questions. Materials Displays are set up for around four hours; when you put in your ZIP Code to find an event, you’ll see the hours and locations for displays near you. You can arrive when it’s convenient and come and go as you please.

Convention lengths vary, but they typically last 1–3 days.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

It’s helpful if you can bring

  • a list of questions,
  • a list of what you’re looking for (e.g., math and science grade 7, literature grade 12),
  • a list of materials you want to see, and
  • a list of materials you know you want to buy. (The quickest way to put it together is to use the shopping list at the back of your Abeka catalog or the Quick Order option at

Tip: For the fastest checkout, we recommend bringing a check, credit card, or debit card.

If you’re active or retired military, bring your military ID to Materials Displays & conventions so you can show it & get your 5% discount.

How much do events cost?

Materials Displays and Online Events are free! Admission to homeschool conventions generally ranges from $40 to $135. Register early if you can, since many conventions charge more at the door.

Can I attend more than one event?

Sure! You’re welcome at any Online Event or Materials Display.

Can I bring my kids?

Definitely. We’ll have a coloring book and crayons for the little ones at Materials Displays.

What if I have follow-up questions?

Your rep would love to answer them! He can give you his information at the event you attend, or you’ll see it when you put in your ZIP Code to find an event.

Do I need to register?

You won’t need to register for Materials Displays, since they’re drop-in. Online Events are free but require a quick registration. Homeschool conventions vary in cost and also require registration.

Can I pick up my materials that day?

Because of limited space at displays and conventions, your materials won’t be able to go home with you that day. Any order will be shipped to you free.