Grade 3 Bible Kit

Grade 3 Bible Kit

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Teach Bible for a full school year with this comprehensive Grade 3 Bible Kit. This kit includes the Curriculum Lesson Plans for 170 lessons of Bible classes. These lessons call for you to teach from 14 sets of Flash-a-Cards and sing songs from the Sing unto the Lord songbook and CD. All 14 Flash-a-Card sets, the Curriculum Lesson Plans, the songbook, and the CD are included in this kit to equip you with the tools to teach your child basic Bible truths. Add righteousness to your daily reading, writing, and arithmetic instruction with the Grade 3 Bible Kit.

The following items are included in this kit:

195073 Salvation Series Flash-a-Cards
14087 Parables of Jesus Series 1 Flash-a-Card
14095 Parables of Jesus 2 Flash-a-Card
14117 Life of Samuel Flash-a-Card
14125 Young David Flash-a-Card
14133 David in Hiding Flash-a-Cards
14338 The First Thanksgiving Flash-a-Card
75310 First Christmas Flash-a-Card
1415X Elijah Flash-a-Card
14168 Elisha Flash-a-Card
14109 Daniel Flash-a-Card
14184 Ezra and Nehemiah Flash-a-Card
241881 Crucifixion and Resurrection Flash-a-Card
14176 Esther Flash-a-Card
63983 Sing unto the Lord Songbook
89605 Grade 3 Sing unto the Lord CD
111929 Grade 3 Bible Curriculum