Grade 5 Bible Kit

Grade 5 Bible Kit

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Grade 5th Grade
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Make your Bible class fun and exciting as you teach your students the absolute Truth from the Bible. This all-inclusive kit includes detailed lesson plan curriculum and essential teaching aids that you can use to teach the most important subject – Bible. Make Bible stories more alive with the help of 16 flash-a-card sets of various Old Testament stories such as Moses in Egypt, Journey to Sinai, Ruth, Jonah, and many more. Your students will also enjoy learning different holiday stories such as the first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Encourage your students to be familiar with the Word of God through fun activities found in the Sword drills and build good habits of praising the Almighty using the Sing unto the Lord CD and Songbook. Start your day off with an excellent Bible lesson and let the Word of God guide your students through the school day.

The following items are included in this kit:

195073 Salvation Series Flash-a-Card
268917 Moses in Egypt Flash-a-Card
268925 Journey to Sinai Flash-a-Card
268941 Tabernacle Flash-a-Card
268933 Journey Through the Wilderness Flash-a-Card
14338 The First Thanksgiving Flash-a-Card
75310 First Christmas Flash-a-Card
319074 Joshua Flash-a-Card—Revised
319104 Judges Flash-a-Card—Revised
271136 Ruth Flash-a-Card—Revised
271152 Jonah Flash-a-Card—Revised
241881 Crucifixion and Resurrection Flash-a-Card
14117 Life of Samuel Flash-a-Card
14125 Young David Flash-a-Card
14133 David in Hiding Flash-a-Card
14141 David the King Flash-a-Card
63983 Sing unto the Lord Songbook
89621 Grade 5 Sing unto the Lord CD
135372 Grade 5 Bible Curriculum
24244 Sword Drills (Book)