Bible 8 DVD Monthly Rental

Bible 8 DVD Monthly Rental

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Give your classroom effective teaching by the master teachers with ProTeach. Use these engaging videos, built on a solid Christian worldview, to guide your students through a study of the books of Acts, Joshua, and Judges. Some of the stories your students will get to learn include Paul’s conversion, Joshua’s courageous stand, and Gideon’s miraculous victory. With this monthly rental you will be able to use the DVDs and let these master teachers present your students with the lessons designed to help them succeed and advance in their education. As your students become acquainted with the students on the video, they will feel as though they are a part of the class. The master teacher will even pause to give “students watching” a turn to participate. While enjoying the fun and expanded learning of ProTeach, your students will have the benefit of your guidance in the classroom as you administer verse quizzes and tests.

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The following items are included in this kit:

298301 30C Bible 8 DVD Set 1 (Lessons 1-61)
298328 30C Bible 8 DVD Set 2 (Lessons 62-120)
298336 30C Bible 8 DVD Set 3 (Lessons 121-170)