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Students with a solid foundation in arithmetic are now prepared to apply it to the study of algebra. They will appreciate right away that every algebraic concept logically builds on the previous one, a demonstration of the truth and order that God has built into the universe. Using the properties of equality, your teen will learn step by step how to solve linear equations that include fractions, decimals, rational expressions, radical expressions, and absolute value expressions. Inequalities are similarly introduced using inequality notation and inequality properties. The equations, inequalities, and functions are graphed, analyzed, solved, and expanded in systems of equations. The Abeka Academy teacher provides clear explanation and the text provides abundance of practice and review exercises to make it possible for your teen to master and retain the concepts. To emphasize the practical use of algebra, word problems in the course materials highlight applications from daily life and career situations.

As your teen becomes acquainted with his classmates on the video, he will enjoy feeling as though he is a part of the class. The teacher will even pause to allow “classmates watching” opportunity to participate. In fact, he may enjoy it so much that he will choose to watch the designated optional lessons on such topics as solving mixture problems, writing equations for polygons, and factoring by grouping.

The prerecorded online video streaming or DVDs give you the flexibility to set your own daily schedule. The video lease provides you with a full 12 months to complete the 170 lessons, which take 40–50 minutes of viewing time each. You also have the option to purchase either the tuition and books or tuition only (for those who may already have some of the materials and wish to purchase individual items separately). Both options include the assessment materials, a video manual to help you stay on track with the video teacher, and record-keeping progress reports to document progress through the school year.

Abeka Academy also offers the option of Independent Study, in which you keep your teen’s academic records, or our Accredited Program. Our Accredited Program does not cost a penny more and provides official report cards, an official transcript, and free standardized testing. It also gives you the option to choose digital assessments and textbooks. With either option, academic assistance is only a phone call or an e-mail away. Recommended grade 9.

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Algebra 1

Tuition & Books Enrollment

Item No. Title
294918 Algebra 1 Quiz and Test Book
294926 Algebra 1 Quiz and Test Key
358916 Homeschool Algebra 1 Video Manual
300888 Algebra 1 Solution Key
155098 Algebra 1

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Item No. Title
294918 Algebra 1 Quiz and Test Book
294926 Algebra 1 Quiz and Test Key
358916 Homeschool Algebra 1 Video Manual