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Grades 11th Grade – 12th Grade

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It seems that communication is more important than ever today. In fact, some call this the “Age of Communication” because of the many communication media available to us. Whatever the medium, however, the way we relate to our audience is often the key to success. This high school practical/performing arts elective presents the art of everyday speech in a friendly, conversational style employing applications from telephone conversations to job interviews. Your teenager will gain confidence and skill as he practices relating to an audience through giving his personal testimony, a monologue, poetry, storytelling, devotionals, and other means—14 speeches in all. An abundance of opportunities for practice and performance! As in other skills, experience and practice make the difference.

As your teen becomes acquainted with the students on the video, he will feel as though he is a part of the class. Listening to the teacher’s instructive comments for his video classmates will be of great benefit, and his classmates’ performances can inspire his own! The provided assessment guides will also help you evaluate your teenager’s performance.

The prerecorded online video streaming or DVDs give you the flexibility to set your own daily schedule. The video lease provides you with a full 6 months to complete the 85 lessons, which take 40–50 minutes of viewing time each. You also have the option to purchase either the tuition and books or tuition only (for those who may already have some of the materials and wish to purchase individual items separately). Both options include the assessment materials, a video manual to help you stay on track with the video teacher, and record-keeping progress reports to document progress through the school year.

Abeka Academy also offers the option of Independent Study, in which you keep your teen’s academic records, or our Accredited Program. Our Accredited Program does not cost a penny more and provides official report cards, an official transcript, and free standardized testing. With either option, academic assistance is only a phone call or an e-mail away. One semester. Gr. 11–12.

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Tuition & Books Enrollment

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176869 Speech Video Home Teacher Materials
176427 Speech Video Manual
069922 Speech for Today
069930 Speech for Today Teacher Guide

Tuition-Only Enrollment

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176869 Speech Video Home Teacher Materials
176427 Speech Video Manual