Grade 3 Child Kit—Revised

Grade 3 Child Kit—Revised

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Grade 3rd Grade
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Be sure your child has all the materials he needs for a successful year with the Grade 3 Child Kit—Revised. Your child will love learning even more once they are fully prepared to dive into a new school year. In this kit, you will find all essential textbooks and coordinated materials, including tests for an entire year of schooling—26 items total. Save yourself the hassle of purchasing each book individually and order this kit designed to make learning fun for your class!


  • Reading. This year’s reading includes a simplified version of the novel The Swiss Family Robinson and other exciting chapter books such as Secret in the Maple Tree. It is also time for increased emphasis on reading speed and comprehension by way of 30 timed reading exercises.
  • Language. Here come nouns, verbs, adjectives, and word usage presented in fun, interesting themes such as the zoos of the world, outer space, nocturnal animals, and more!
  • Spelling and Poetry. The 34 weekly spelling lists complete with vocabulary words and definitions and creative exercises will make your child a spelling artist! And he will memorize 8 delightful poems including “My Shadow.”
  • Penmanship. Your third grader will practice correct letter formation, spacing, proportion, and slant through writing exercises that include Bible verses and creative writing exercises.
  • Arithmetic. This is the year your students will master their multiplication and division facts! With concepts arranged for logical order, help your students build from the known to the unknown concepts as they graduate into fractions and learn to reduce, add, and subtract them. With interesting facts and theme-coordinated art, learning math can be fun!
  • History. Reading the biographies of 50 historical figures—from Christopher Columbus to Martin Luther King—not only gives your students a chronological understanding of American history, but also inspiring character-building qualities to emulate. Take your class in for a closer look on the founding, expansion, and modernization of our great country, America.
  • Science and Health. For curious third graders, learning about the bodies they live in, plants, animals and their habitats, and the weather is not just an academic exercise—it’s fascinating! Especially when he gets to experiment with the “Something to Try” exercises throughout the book that let him practice what he’s learning.

The following items are included in this kit:

290505 From Shore to Shore—New
320242 My New Song—New
315559 Through the Seasons—New
315419 Among the Animals—New
315508 Pilgrim Boy—Revised
315451 Treats and Treasures—New
315524 Secret in the Maple Tree—Revised
315486 Heroes and Helpers—New
315575 On the Bright Side—New
315435 Swiss Family Robinson—Revised
315591 Pilgrim's Progress: Christian's Journey—New
315613 Reading Comprehension 3 Skill Sheets—New
315648 Language 3—Revised
315664 Language 3 Quiz and Test Book—Revised
315699 Spelling and Poetry 3—Revised
315729 Writing with Purpose 3—New
315737 Arithmetic 3—Revised
315753 Arithmetic 3 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills—Revised
315885 Our American Heritage—Revised
315907 Our American Heritage Quiz and Test Book—Revised
315923 Our American Heritage Map Skills Book—Revised
315788 Exploring God's World—Revised
315818 Exploring God's World Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book—Revised
323527 My Animal Notebook—New
315834 Health Safety and Manners 3—Revised
315869 Health, Safety, and Manners 3 Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book—Revised
315958 Art Projects 3—Revised

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