George Washington (Sons of Liberty Series)

George Washington (Sons of Liberty Series)

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Item No.  68241
Grades 5th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 5 x 7.5
Binding Paperback
Pages 244
Edition First
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Only God and God’s protection can explain the amazing life of this heroic patriot. As George Washington rode among his troops in battle, bullets pierced his clothing but not him. For six years he endured all the hardships and dangers of war. Against all odds, he survived and led his army to victory against one of the most powerful nations in the world. No wonder Americans wanted him to be their first President! Washington shines as an example to your child of what a leader ought to be—a man of character. Biography written by William M. Thayer. 244 pages. Gr. 5–12.

See also our other books in the Sons of Liberty Series, the stories of men whose character traits of integrity, courage, and faith reveal the true secret of greatness. These books designed for personal benefit are also recommended for book reports.

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