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These days, you can do just about anything online. It’s the easiest way to read the most up to date news, do research for a paper, or even shop for the best price for groceries. Everything you need can be found online, and we have a place where you are able to hop on and learn anything you need to know about our flexible homeschool options, all in one place—an Abeka Online Event!

What Is An Online Event?

These are live, digital webinars led by your regional sales rep that focus on specific topics regarding the Abeka homeschool curriculum. There is a short presentation that will give some visuals of our products and how they are used.  Because these events are live, you have a chance to ask questions and hear about what Abeka has to offer, straight from our internal team. Online Events are free and typically last about 20 minutes with time at the end reserved for questions for the sales rep. In order to attend an Online Event, you must register beforehand.

What To Expect

When you attend an Online Event, you’ll have the opportunity to digitally meet your Abeka representative, learn about new products, and get your questions answered. There are also a variety of discounts available for homeschool families that attend our Online Events. 

$50 off for New Student Discount

(New student full-grade, full-year, K5- Grade 12 Abeka Academy enrollments through 9/14/20)

5% off for Military families 

(On all Abeka orders for active duty or retired military personnel)

10% off orders over $100

(Excluding video products)

How To Find An Online Event Near You

To find an Online Event near you, just visit our Online Events page, type in your zip code, and click “Find.” A new page will load, and you’ll be able to view your representative and their contact information. Listed below, you’ll see the upcoming Online Events for your area. The date, time, topic, and description will be listed for each event, along with a link to register. 

How To Join An Online Event

Don’t forget, you must register for an Online Event in order to attend. There is no limit to the number of Online Events you can attend. 

  • Choose which event (or events) you want to attend
  • Click on “Register Now”
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Click “Submit”

You’ll receive a verification email once you submit your information, as well as several reminders leading up to the event. When it’s time to join the event, simply go to one of the reminder emails five minutes before the start time, click on the link to join, enter your first and last name and your email, and click “Join Now.” You’ll be prompted to install the Cisco Webex extension, and you’re set. Just wait for your sales rep to arrive.

What If I Have Questions? 

Great! We want to answer them. There will be time at the end of each event for questions. After the presentation starts, you will see a question box that can be used at any time throughout the presentation. Type all your questions there and the rep will answer during the Q&A segment.

How Will I Receive Discounts? 

The big question! Your sales rep will provide you with a unique code during the event to use at checkout. The code will expire in 24 hours but can be used multiple times before it expires. If they don’t mention a specific discount you qualify for, speak up! This is your time to ask.

To find out if there’s an Online Event happening near you, visit our website and register for an event today

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Joshua Keck:
May 19, 2022

When I click the link for the online event the new page says "page not found". I am military and interested in Abeka but I would like to receive all discounts available. Is there a schedule for any new online events?

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Replies to this comment:

Abeka Admin:
May 19, 2022

Try out this link: https://www.abeka.com/OnlineEvents/

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