How to Incorporate PE into Your Week

Ways to exercise indoor while homeschooling

With the clocks falling back an hour and the temperature becoming chillier by the day, it can be harder to think of indoor and outdoor exercises for PE activities. That’s why we’re here! Keeping in mind the current environment, we’ve come up with a few solutions that are sure to get the kids excited and their hearts pumping. And if your child is in need of a little encouragement, try the exercises with them!

Workout Stations:

Pick their favorite rooms in the house and assign each room a fun activity for a quick workout. One room can be for jump-roping, another can be for running in place, and the kitchen can even be taped for hopscotch. And to help keep them interested, try setting a goal or time them, and challenge them to beat their personal best.

Classic Simon Says:

Simon says “It’s time to exercise!” This classic game keeps everyone entertained, whether you’re the listener or Simon. Ask kids to touch their toes, run in place, or run to their room and back. And if you didn’t say “Simon says” and they’re out, have the kids do something funny to make them laugh. The options are endless!

Balloon Volleyball:

Get ready for some laughter. Balloons are never boring, and balloon volleyball is a blast for kids of all ages. You can use tape, chairs, or anything that can divide the room into two sides. Kids can play on each side sitting in chairs, sitting on the floor, or standing up. And have some fun! Use one or multiple balloons as a volleyball. 

Bonus idea for a game: Play with multiple kids and colored balloons. Each team tries to keep a green balloon on their side the whole time while trying to bounce all of the other colors across to the other team. Kids will be using their motor skills while focusing on two objectives at the same time.

Neighborhood Walk:

It’s cold outside, but that’s what coats are for! Bundle up, take a stroll, and see what’s going on around the neighborhood. It’s important to keep fresh air in the curriculum, and it’s a wonderful time to connect with your children. To keep things interesting in the winter scenery, try playing I Spy as you walk down the sidewalk.

Join a Recreation Center:

Winter can be a hard time of the year for both the kids and their teachers. And COVID-19 is not helping the situation. Socially distanced classes at a recreational center can be a great solution! A rec center class will allow children to play in a safe, climate-controlled environment, with the supervision of an adult, and make new friends. This gives you the ability to cheer in the stands, have a bit of personal time, or get a quick workout in yourself.

We know it can be hard to keep children motivated to exercise, especially indoors. But, fresh air and exercise help kids maintain good health. And if they aren’t falling in love with these specific workout ideas, find out what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes it’s a simple solution, or you might have to dig a little deeper to incorporate their favorite activities. Try a few of these exercises and let us know how they went!

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