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Updated August 16, 2021

Lately, being a teacher is even more of a balancing act than ever before. Field trips may no longer be happening, but between remediating students who fell behind due to COVID-19 last year, learning new virtual technology, grading papers, and keeping up with day-to-day changes amidst COVID-19 limitations, there’s a lot to do in any given week. ProTeach, our pre-recorded video lessons, may be able to help lighten the load on your educators this year. 

How Can ProTeach Video Lessons Support Your School?

Every Christian school has unique needs, but there is usually one constant — teachers can always use a little extra support. With ProTeach, your school can supplement textbooks and teaching aids by selecting correlating streaming video lessons on demand at any time. 

These pre-recorded videos are taught by veteran educators who teach the same Abeka curriculum your students are already following. So, whether a student is out sick or the entire class needs to be taught virtually, ProTeach video lessons can pick up wherever you left off in the classroom. Or, if you need them to take over completely, these video lessons can take the lead. 

Video Lessons From Home or in the Classroom

On-demand video lessons can be utilized in a mixture of ways, especially if your school has a limited faculty available or classes cannot convene in the classroom. Since the videos follow the lesson plans exactly, almost anyone can serve as a proctor to initiate a lesson for an individual student or an entire classroom. If a student isn’t able to be in class for any reason, he or she can still stay on track and receive the quality education they would be receiving with real teachers in a real classroom. 

Because we provide video-streaming options, you have the flexibility to meet your school’s specific needs no matter where your teachers or students are. Last summer, we updated our ProTeach solutions to provide an even better virtual experience for schools. Here’s what we improved: 

– Teacher access to create student accounts list

– Organization by students, classes, or grades stopwatch

– Tracking for lessons and hours watched 

Whether you need one hour of ProTeach video lessons, or 1,000, having these lessons on hand can be a huge help.

How Video Lessons Can Fill in the Gaps 

A Reliable Teacher Every Day of the Week

If school must take place virtually, teachers will have a lot to juggle during and after school hours—like grading, setting up digital assignments, and tutoring students who are struggling to keep up, among other things. Teaching live all day via virtual tools is daunting for teachers and may not be possible for students who cannot access the required technology the entire time. 

ProTeach allows your school to provide parents with the 8 a.m.-to-3:30 p.m. school structure they need to be able to accomplish their work during the day while freeing up teachers to tend to their other responsibilities. Schools can provide video lessons to each child’s family to view at the most convenient time for them. 

Insider tip: Teachers and parents alike quickly learned that Google Chrome is the best browser to use when streaming ProTeach video lessons. 

Single Subject Instructor

Smaller schools are often unable to staff a teacher per subject. By selecting a single subject curriculum, a proctor will be able to seamlessly administer the video lesson to any classroom. 

Whether a teacher is unexpectedly sick or one of your students needs a tutor, ProTeach streaming lessons are available on demand so that each student has every opportunity to stay on track. 

A Virtual Substitute Teacher

When a teacher is out sick for a day, it can be difficult to schedule a last-minute substitute, not to mention costly. Wouldn’t having someone on call around the clock be convenient? With ProTeach, you’ll have a virtual teacher following Abeka’s exact lesson plans whenever you need them. 

Virtual Tutor

Because teachers are in the classroom with a room full of students 90 percent of the time, it can be hard for them to find time to tutor the ones who need a little extra help. With streaming lesson plans, students are able to review the subjects or materials they’re struggling with, and teachers are freed up to spend their time in the classroom. 

Teacher Trainer

There’s no better way for a new teacher to learn than by watching experienced master teachers. Our on-demand streaming video curriculum allows new teachers the flexibility to learn by example, even in the comfort of their own home. 

To learn more about how ProTeach can be used, you can read about it on our website or reach out to your Abeka Christian School rep. Our reps are highly trained, and they know all about Abeka. From tips on making the most of your budget to preparing even first-year teachers to thrive, they can help. You can also like our Facebook Page or join our Facebook groups for administrators and teachers to keep up with updates and get insights from other educators just like you.

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