Picture cards, clothespins, letter identification, and phonics sounds all work together in this manipulative using…

  • Easy-to-make cards with Abeka clip art. In fact, we made one for you to cut out.
  • Clothespins in two colors—one color labeled with vowels and one with consonants.

Student identifies beginning consonant or vowel sound. When he finds the clothespin that has that letter, he pins it top left of the card (to represent the beginning of the word). Now try the ending sounds. Continue with other cards emphasizing letter names, sounds, and consonant/vowel identification. For variety, listen for the vowel sound in the middle of a word, or match a capital letter with its little letter. Older students can match special-sounds clothespins to pictures containing those sounds. So many ways to practice visual and auditory discrimination!

Naomi Sleeth holding cards

Use all of these Abeka Picture Cards in your classroom! Download them today.

Cards Layout
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